Danny Satin
Vocalist, Lyricist, Author


Danny Satin: Vocalist, Lyricist, Author

Welcome to the Danny Satin Home Page ! 

Only a select group of singers can project instant like-ability through their voice alone. Danny Satin is swiftly establishing himself in that company, as a high quality recording artist and entertainer, as well as an author in his compelling new novel entitled, Second Banana.
On the entertainment side, whether it be Big Band, Pop, Blues or Jazz, Danny naturally fine tunes his vocals to create a unique listening experience for his audiences. Danny, in his short career, already has 3 albums in his catalogue that display exceptional versatility and talents in a wide range of musical genres: 
  1. Roll Of The Dice: Available in CD only, is a 17 track full length album in the big band, sassy / jazz genre. 
  2. Pushover Man: Is a 6 track album available in digital download and is an eclectic blend of rock, pop and R&B.
  3. A Satin Holiday: Is also a digital download  containing 2 of Danny's most requested and cheerful holiday songs.
According to Danny, “These projects are equal parts spontaneity and design. It's imperative to just go with the flow, so it's natural ! On the other hand, design plays an important role. From the song selection, to carefully choosing the fresh, expansive arrangements, to crafting the vocal phrasings. These offerings are both a passion & a labor of love. My goal is always to challenge myself and to tickle the listener’s fancy on every track when they touch play. Oh, and of course, have a good bit of fun with it too... I hope I’ve succeeded on all these levels..."
Danny has also added lyric writing to his resume. The "Pushover Man" song track is a playful example.  
Although Danny always had music in his life, with his Dad a violinist and several relatives that were jazz musicians, it was the writing of the Novel that motivated him to launch his singing career. The Book, about a down on his luck entertainer who was once an opening act for top celebrities in the Vegas of the 1960’s, became the backdrop for his unique, themed shows. On stage, Danny sometimes sprinkles readings from the Novel with performing songs from the last 50 years. Cabaret audiences have described the show as no less than Captivating and his vocal range as Impressive. 
As Danny observes, “...I started out a little late in this business but I’m making up for lost time now. I hope you enjoy the albums and consider seeing the show and picking up a copy of the book. And always remember: YOU’RE BETTER THAN YOU KNOW.”
When you listen to these albums, I'm sure you will agree that Danny Satin is in the upper tier of Cabaret singers and stylists.