Danny Satin
Vocalist, Lyricist, Author

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I. Pushover Man (6 song digital download on ITunes, CDBaby, Amazon). Click link below for CDBaby to hear track samples:

Tracks: 1. Pushover Man; 2. Stormy Monday; 3. Missing You; 4. Having A Party; 5. Your Memory, Me & The Blues; 6. What A Wonderful World

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II. A Satin Holiday ( 2 song digital download on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby) . Click link below for CDBaby to hear track samples.

Tracks: 1. Jingle Bells; 2. Frosty The Snowman

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III. Roll Of The Dice (17 Track CD): Available only on CD and only at CDBaby link in RED below.

Click Music Player below for Samples: Beyond The Sea and That Old Black Magic

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